Recovery for an opiate addict is a lifelong battle. The drug chasing dreams, the stressful situations that make us want to use, & the endless triggers seem impossible to escape. But, imagine waking up & not craving our poison! Imagine no more drug dreams or triggers, & stressful situations seeming easy to manage. That's what Suboxone does for me & so many other opiate addicts in recovery. I wanted something different than methadone, with that I felt as though I was still using. After all, people can still overdose and die on methadone; like my best friend Jessica. But, with Suboxone there is a ceiling & doing more than 2 strips a day is useless due to that ceiling. You just won't feel any more than two or three strips in a day. And being realistic, no matter your tolerance to opiates, getting your Suboxone dose down to one strip a day should be enough "if" you're using it to improve your all around well-being, prevent triggers, & not using it to prolong your ability to get high. 

Naloxone (the additive in Suboxone that makes it so unique) is an opiate antagonist; meaning, while on Suboxone taking any opiates will send you into violent withdrawals. Another additive in Suboxone for those of us who are serious about not using any other opiates; it's a friendly reminder that we can't use.

I've been on Suboxone now for 20 months & I truly feel relapse proof. I wake up in the morning & my life is continuously moving forward. Before Suboxone I was just like every other addict in recovery, relapsing is a part of the recovery process. It happens, but with Suboxone I no longer worry, because I use Suboxone as it was designed to be used, in low-doses and long term.

 I was diagnosed bipolar over ten years ago. I used to experience manic highs and depressive lows. In addition, I can't tell you how many mood stabilizing medications I've been on to balance out those manic highs and depressive lows. Not anymore though. Suboxone has eliminated all of my bipolar symptoms !

However, since being on Suboxone I have  become somewhat like recluses & feeling a bit too comfortable staying at home, away from the public. I now hold a Bachelor degree in psychology & am currently in my graduate (master) program for professional counseling; so, I figured I would create a study for all Suboxone users to see if there is a connection between Suboxone, disappearing bipolar symptoms, & recluse like feelings. Even if you haven't been diagnosed with bipolar, Suboxone is causing recluse like symptoms for many.

Please, if you can relate to being a Suboxone client & have experienced mood alterations, go to my Blog by clicking on the Blog tab above, & take my survey. It is 100% confidential so please be honest. When answering the survey in the comment section, please number each answer according to the question. Also, in order to calculate your answers into the survey, your answers need to remain simple such as, yes, no, one/two/ or three strips daily. If you need to elaborate on an answer, please do so in a simple, clear manner. 

In addition to the survey there is a forum that I welcome any & all discussions & questions related to addiction &/or recovery. There is no judgement on this forum; I myself was an addict for nineteen years, & the last decade of my drug use I was addicted to heroin.

Thank you & have a Blessed day. 


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